We are ...

... Sven Moser, owner of the company Moser-the green wallart and Tanja Westerholz, creative head and right hand of the boss. ;)

We have been a gardening and landscaping company based in the Rhein-Neckar district with head and heart for more than ten years.

We combine green space maintenance and tree pruning with innovative interior and wall greening in the form of moss and plant images, as well as room greening with hydroponic plants. We have also specialized in both over the past three years and are also the official partner of 1. FC Kaiserlautern and interior greener of the Fritz Walter Stadium in Kaiserslautern.

Since the topic of sustainability and nature is particularly important to us, our products consist of natural wooden frames or the products of nature itself. We are particularly proud of our moss circles, for example, because they do not use a conventional frame, but are made from real birch wood slices .

the preservation process, ...

The plants and mosses that we use for our products are cultivated and grown on certified farms. With a lot of care, the plants and mosses grow there until they are optimally ready for harvest.
The plants are kept beautiful over the long term by means of natural preservation. In an exchange process, the water in the plant is replaced by glycerine and the chlorophyll by food coloring. The preservation process, which was patented in 1984, does not require any chemical substances.
In order to achieve an optimal end result, the plants are harvested at the height of their life cycle. In a preservation chamber, the juice of the ripe plants is replaced by a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and food coloring. Only natural materials are used for the exchange process lasting several days.

and loving handwork ...

... in our own small factory in Rauenberg we make all moss and plant pictures ourselves.
So after we have received your order, we go to work. Depending on the order situation, it can take 3 - 10 days for the moss / plant picture to arrive. As soon as it is on the way to you, you will receive a shipping confirmation from us.
Since the plants and mosses are natural products, not every moss picture looks the same and can therefore differ slightly from our product photos.

So every order is absolutely unique!